Business Models and RIM

Blackberry (RIM), the makers of the once popular Blackberry smartphone are actually still trying to “win”. Perhaps a better way to put it is they are trying not to die, even though they were dead 4-5 years ago when the iphone came out.

BlackBerry started out as an enterprise platform. Catering to professionals, with the appropriate management and security features built in from the beginning. And then iphones and android phones came out tailored specifically for the individual, which represented a more profitable business model.

Along the same lines I have a few predictions of my own in terms of business models that will go the way of the dodo while fighting newer business models with every breath.

Cable companies everywhere, your model is failing … is in fact failed, find a way to get on board with Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu or they and companies like them are going to utterly and completely eat your lunch.

Same for you Blackberry / Rim or whatever you are calling yourself these days. Your done. Do something else, get out of the game, you’ve lost.

Apple, guess what, subscription based models of content particularly music is on the rise … figure it out or lose music and potentially movies permanently.

I realize that companies are trying to get things right and are constantly adjusting their models to try and capitalize (like gillette) on different profit models. What I would ask in the mean time is that they not lose focus on us the consumers and what we are after, which is simple, fair, cheap and anytime we want it.

Companies need to capitulate to changing business models quickly and easily. If companies have two basic operations exploitation and exploration, then the emphasis needs to be on exploration.